TO3 Package 3W 980nm Infrared IR Laser Diode with FAC

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TO3 Package 3W 980nm Infrared IR Laser Diode with FAC

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TO3 Package 3000mW 3W 980nm Infrared IR Laser/Lazer Diode LD W/ FAC


●Output power 3000mW
●Efficient quantum well structure
●Center Wavelength 980nm
●Package TO3
It is IR laser,the laser light cannot be seen by human bare eyes with only using DDC/infrared camera get it.
Absolute Maximum Ratings(T=25℃)
Parameter Symbol Unit Min Max Note
Reverse Voltage Vr V - 2 -
Operating Temperature Top ℃ 10 30
Storage Temperature Tstg ℃ 10 85
Solder Temperature Stemp ℃ - 260 10 seconds max
Electro-Optical Characteristics(T=25℃)
Parameter Symbol Unit Min Typ Max Test Condition
Optical output power Po mW 3000 - - Iop=3800mA
Center wavelength λc nm 970 980 990 Iop=3500mA
Spectral width Δλ nm - - 5 FWHM, Iop=3500mA
Threshold current Ith mA - 350 450
Operating current Iop mA - 3500 3800
Operating voltage Vf V - 2 2.4 Po=3000mW
Slope Efficiency η W/A 1 -
Beam divergence θ⊥×θ∥ º - 40×12 - FWHM
Beam divergence
(fast axis collimated) θ⊥×θ∥ º - 10×12 - FWHM
Wavelength temperature
dλ/dT nm/℃ - 0.3 - -
Emitting area - μm 150×1 -
Polarization - - TM -
(1) The laser diodes should be handled in the same manner as ordinary semiconductor device
to prevent the electro-static damages. For safety keeping and carrying, the modules should
be packaged with ESD proof material. For assembling, the workbench, the soldering iron
and the human body should be grounded.
(2) Please pay special attention to the atmosphere condition because the dew on the module
may cause some damages.
(3) Under such a strong vibration environment as in automobile, the performance and
reliability are not guaranteed.
(4) A voltage stabilizer should be taken into consideration for the power supply,and shock voltage should
be avoided during the process of switching on and off of the supply in order to prevent the device from
(5) Pay attention to the dust polluting. The device may be damaged when operating in atmosphere because
the dust may be absorbed onto the region of lighting under the action of electric field.
Warning:Direct exposure of one’s eyes to the laser beam or long time exposure of
one’s skin to the beam must be avoided.
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Additional Information

SKU 11091034
Wavelength 980nm
Output >=1W

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