1. How many dot shape does dot laser module will have?

    Some dot laser module will have ellipse dot, some will have round dot.

2. Why laser module has so many sizes?

   Laser module often have cylinder shape or cube shape. We usally use two figures to demonstrate the size. Such as 1875, mean a cylinder laser module has a diameter of 18cm, and a body length of 75mm.

  The bigger the laser module is, the better cooling effect the laser module will be, which mean bigger size module will working longer time than smaller one if they have the same wavelength and output power.

3. Which kind of measures can make a laser module work longer time?

 As we know, laser module will emitting a lot of heat while it is working. Laser of different wavelength emitting different amoun of heat which means laser with the same output power but with different wavelength in the same housing will have different length of working time.

 Choosing bigger size module will help you to achieve this goal. and if you add a heatsink to this module, or keeping the laser working environment temperature in a appropriate range will achieve this goal too.

4. What does line angel affect the laser line projecting

 The bigger the angel is, the longer the laser line at some certain distance will be.

5. What is the difference plastic lens and glass lens?

 Glass lens can be used on high power laser and it has higher transmittance rate.

Plastic lens is a ecomony choice for lower power laser module.

6. Laser Operation Cautions

7. EU, AU, NZ Laser Safety Standards

    US Laser Safety Standards