About Laserland.com

Laserland is a world-leading brand of laser diode module supplier which belongs to Besram Technology Inc. Laserland is engaged in the development and production of various types of laser diode modules. Our main products are semiconductor laser diodes, laser modules, such as laser pens. Our laser devices have been widely used in interactive projection, sensors, stone processing, wood processing, garment processing, machinery and equipment industries. For the industrial processing market, Laserland for many years dedicated to industrial laser research and development, production and sales. Industrial lasers with different wavelength and power ratings are designed to facilitate the integration of lasers into a wide variety of laser equipment and tailor-made, personalized services and total solutions to the specific needs of the customer. Laserland Prime to the credibility of the first, the price is reasonable, delivery on time, courteous service and timely manner to give users the technical support and won the majority of users praise. "Quality first, customer first" is the company always follow the purpose, commitment and customers to establish win-win cooperation. Customer success is our greatest success. We use practical actions to show you a high-tech enterprise style.


Merry Young
General Manger


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