Note before buying:

This is special sensitive optical compoents. Please be sure opertor has enough DIY and electronics espeirence. The above picture might be some difference from the acutal parts due to the light and camera skills LD test: Install or take out the LD should disconnect the powr fistly. Never install or take out the LD under power connecting, otherwise the LD will be burned or damaged. Attention

1.Laser beam is harm for eyes during process please avoid any directly see on the aperture.

2.Please use the suitable LD power driver, instant reverse current can not exceed than 25uA reverse voltage cannot exceed than 2V,otherwise the LD will be damaged.

3.Please install the LD well before connecting to the power.The initial input voltage should be zero.

4.To increase/ decrease the current gradually for avoiding any current pulse which will damage the LD.

5.Please store or use the LD under dry and air flow ambient.To avoid any situation of condensation which will damage the LD.

6.Working under high temperature will increase the threshold current and decrease the efficiency conversion,speed up the aging of the LD.

7.The exceed power output will speed up the aging of the LD.

8.To use the LD with enough head dispensing or uner the cooling ambient.

9.Laser diode belongs to electrostatic sensitive components. Should deal with anti-electrostatic method. To touch the LD directly unless humanbody is well connect with ground. Otherwise the LD will be burned easily. To wear anti-eletrostatic wrist band is necessary.