KCH-A Series Bus Communication and Power Hub C Module Controller Cascade Bracket Base

KCH-A Series Bus Communication and Power Hub C Module Controller Cascade Bracket Base

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KCH-A Series Bus Communication and Power Hub C Module Controller Cascade Bracket Base

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▶Can establish the communication connection between the Oeabt series C module controller mounted on it and the PC;

▶Compact platform based on USB3.0 communication standard;

▶Can be installed on the optical table horizontally or vertically;

▶Multiple C-module controllers share power supply and USB connection;

▶Support cascading, can connect multiple controller hubs;


(1) KCH-A series communication bus and power hubs are specially designed for the operation of Oeabt series C module controllers, they simplify cable management, power link and communication between multiple USB devices. It is convenient to mount other USB peripherals, such as beam analysis cameras, external mobile hard disks, etc.
When integrating, remove the interface protective cover on the base plate first. Before placing the C module controller, the buckles at both ends must be broken down first. After the placement is complete, pull up the clasp and fix the C module controller.

(2) The C-module communication bus and power hub includes a thin base plate bracket with several inter-board connectors on its upper surface, which can accommodate 2/3/4 C-module controllers. It contains standard USB 3.0 hub circuitry and can power and communicate with up to 4 (KCH-A4) C-module controllers using only a single power cord. The hub is designed with two independent 12V (8A) and 5V (2A) voltages, and the maximum current that can be drawn is 8A; (please confirm that the total current does not exceed 8A during use).

(3) When multiple hubs are cascaded, these hubs can greatly reduce the number of required USB cables and power cords. The integrator contains 2 extra USB ports, which can be used to mount other USB devices. The USB3.0A TO USB3.0B cable can be used to connect multiple hubs for cascade use, but still only use one USB cable to connect to the host computer the USB output port.



(4) In addition, they make it possible to mount the C-modules close to all other mechanical components required to build automated optomechanical applications, to greatly reduce the placement area of the instrumentation on the optical table, and the hub can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the optical table . Each controller hub includes horizontal mounting brackets for securing the hub to an optical table or breadboard.



Vertical installation with APT-90 right angle adapter and OPS-M406A adapter plate

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