CVD ZnSe Focal Lens for CO2 Laser Engraver Cutting Machine 12-25mm 1-4"

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CVD ZnSe Focal Lens for CO2 Laser Engraver Cutting Machine 12-25mm 1-4"

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CVD ZnSe Focal Lens for CO2 Laser Engraver Cutting Machine 12-25mm 1-4"


Focal lens, spare parts of laser engraver, laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine
CO2 laser focusing lens is widely used in laser processing for example, cutting, drilling, sculpture, engraving and laser system
Znse lens work for 40-100W CO2 Laser
Focal Length:25.4mm,38.1mm ,50.8mm,63.5mm,76.2mm,100mm
CVD Znse lens work for 40-150W CO2 Laser
Focal Length:25.4mm,38.1mm ,50.8mm, 63.5mm,76.2mm,100mm,127mm,190mm
GAAS lens work for 40-180W CO2 Laser
Focal Length:25.4mm,38.1mm ,50.8mm,63.5mm,76.2mm,100mm
Lens Type:plano convex
Thickness: center approx. 3mm, rim approx 2mm 
Thickness: approximate 2mm
Tolerance of Thickness ±0.010 mm
Tolerance of Diameter +0.000mm-0.005mm
Edge thickness variation (ETV) <= 0.002
Aperture 90% of the Diameter
Face accuracy (radial deviation / irregularity) @0.63um <= 0.20%
Surface Figure (power-irregularity) at 0.63 microns
Plano: 1 fringe - 0.5 fringe Radiused: depending on radius
Surface Quality 20-10
AR Coating Reflectivity Per surface at 10.6 microns <= 0.20%
Focal Length optional of 12mm ZnSe focal lens
25.4mm (1inch)
38.1mm (1.5inch)
50.8mm (2inch)
63.5mm (2.5inch)
100mm (4inch)
Available Specifications Of Focal Lens
Lens Material:Standard ZNSE;CVD ZNSE;GaAS
Diameter Optional:12mm,18mm,19.01mm,20mm,25mm
Focal Length: 38.1mm,50.8mm, 63.5mm,80mm,100mm
Available Specifications of Reflection Mirrors
Material: Si Mirror;Mo Mirro;Cu Mirror;Gold-Coated K9 Mirror
Diameter Optional:20mm, 25mm, 30mm.
Please search with the key words above to find other options according to your requirements.
If you need Special Diameter and Focal Length, please contact with us for customization!
Working Life:
1. K9 mirror can work for CO2 laser less than 40w. normally, the working life will take 2000-4000 hours
2. SI and MO mirror can work for CO2 laser more than 40w, normally, the working life will take 2000-5000 hours. for example, if you use it on 60w laser, it can work for 5000 hours, if you use it on
150w laser, it may work for 2000 hours.
3. znse and GAAS laser: 2000-5000 hours. the higher the output is, the shorter the working life it is.
4. CVD znse: 3000-6000 hours. but it gets better permeability than normal znse and gaas.
step 1: please use 100% alcohol to clean the mirror/lens. there is a protective painting on the MO surface, please use 100% alcohol to clean it before you use it.
step 2: do not use a normal towel to clean the alcohol. we recommend soft cloth and let the alcohol volatilized naturally.
step 3: avoid any scratch and skip. if the mirror/lens get any scratch, we do recommend you change it asap. otherwise the mirror/lens may be cracked and hurt people.
1. mirror/lens are consuming material, we can replace the item only if they are not used.
2. since they are consuming material, and if you want to return it, please return the package to us within 1 day you receive the package.
Please tell us the focal length you require via ebay message. Or we will mail one to you by random.:-)
Withstand high power density; the film is solid, resistant to wipe. And because of the double-side film, the filterability of the light (the wavelength is 10.6µm) can reach 99%.


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Additional Information

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Wavelength 10060nm
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