CSM-Z5 SM1 Adjustable Telescopic Lens Tube Ø1" Threaded Optical Tube Scientific Experiment

CSM-Z5 SM1 Adjustable Telescopic Lens Tube Ø1" Threaded Optical Tube Scientific Experiment

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CSM-Z5 SM1 Adjustable Telescopic Lens Tube Ø1" Threaded Optical Tube Scientific Experiment

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Product information

Model : CSM-Z5

Specification : 35.4mm*28.8mm

Product name : Retractable lens tube

Weight : 26.2g

Thread type : SM1 (1.035" 40)

Material : #7075 aluminum alloy

Maximum stroke : 4.1mm


▶The standard SM1 lens barrel can be screwed into the internal moving groove to construct a telescope lens tube assembly;

▶Non-rotating mobile SM1 lens tube, compatible with SM1 components;

▶It is possible to install 01-inch optical components with a thickness of 0.42 inches (10.7mm);

▶The maximum stroke is 0.16 inches (4.1mm), 0.5mm per revolution;

▶Fixed external SM1 thread and internal SM1 installation thread for translation;

▶With 1 CSK3 standard snap ring, used to fix optical components;


Optical commonly used thread size standard

This is the unique thread of Thorlabs in the United States, not the commonly used optical thread. SM is the code for the thread of the sewing machine in terms of thread expression, but this company in the United States uses it to connect the internal and external threads of the optical lens and the sleeve. The nature of the thread is UNS, and the United States has a special thread with a tolerance accuracy of 2A / 2B. The special place of this thread is 40 teeth per inch regardless of the diameter. The specific dimensions are as follows:


The tube can provide a linear stroke of 0.16 inches (4.1mm), and the precise screw mechanism can move the front lens barrel back and forth without any rotational movement, preventing the lens tube or optical element connected to it from rotating. This high-precision non-rotating zoom sleeve can precisely control the working distance of the optical element before it is fixed in the system.

Installation method:

During operation, first install the 01-inch optical element in the telescopic sleeve, and fix it with the attached CSK3 standard snap ring. Then connect the CSM-Z5 to the SM1 internally threaded lens tube or mount. After fixing it, the outer ring of CSM-Z5 can be used for precise positioning of optical components. (With 1 CSK3
Snap ring, if you need additional snap ring, you need to purchase it separately;)

The SM 1 externally threaded lens tube can also be connected to the front end of the CSM-Z5 to construct a telescope lens tube assembly.

The sleeve has SM1 (1.035"-40) threads, which can be integrated into the lens tube system. In addition, it is compatible with our CSJ-30 cage plate and can be integrated into a 30mm cage system; and can be used for free space;

Measurement error: Please allow a small measurement error.



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