CSL30-M2 30mm Cage Cube Polarization Beam Splitting Cube Mounting Cage Kit Optical Experiment research

CSL30-M2 30mm Cage Cube Polarization Beam Splitting Cube Mounting Cage Kit Optical Experiment research

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CSL30-M2 30mm Cage Cube Polarization Beam Splitting Cube Mounting Cage Kit Optical Experiment research

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▶ Directly mount 20mm/25mm/-inch beamsplitter cube prism;
▶ For 30mm cage systems, compatible with SM1 lens tubes;
▶ There are 4 440 threaded holes around the SM1 threaded holes on the 4 sides;
▶ The base mounts the post through the M4 screw hole; .
▶ With the cage type cube connector, two or more cubes can be connected;
▶ Can be used with 01/2 inch swivel mount for constructing adjustable beam splitters, adjustable attenuators or beam combiners;


Optical commonly used thread size standard

This is the unique thread of Thorlabs in the United States, not the commonly used optical thread. SM is the code for the thread of the sewing machine in terms of thread expression, but this company in the United States uses it to connect the internal and external threads of the optical lens and the sleeve. The nature of the thread is UNS, and the United States has a special thread with a tolerance accuracy of 2A / 2B. The special place of this thread is 40 teeth per inch regardless of the diameter. The specific dimensions are as follows:


The 30mm cage cube setup includes prisms, beamsplitters, and other optics that create a 90° optical path shift. It is used to install the 20mm/25mm/1 inch cube and right angle prisms into the 30mm cage system, which plays the role of building the cage system and protecting the lens.
CSL30-M:   25mm/25.4mm prism can be installed
CSL30-M2:   20mm/25mm/25.4mm prism can be installed
M2-PBS1:   30mm cage cube and 20mm Polarizing Beamsplitter Prism
M2-BS1:   30mm cage cube and 25mm Non-Polarizing Beamsplitter Prism

1,CSL-M Cage Cube includes components: cube base, cube cover, only 25mm or 25.4mm cube prism can be installed. 

When installing the prism, place the corner-free end of the base towards the lower right corner facing you, first apply UV glue on the cube base, push the prism parallel to the two corners on one side, and then move up to the corner. Push it to horizontal and vertical. Use a UV curing lamp to irradiate the glue-bonded part by hand until the glue is dry, then cover the cube cover and fasten the screws. Please refer to the video above.
UV curing lamp hand purchase link, please click here.
2,The CSL-M2 cage cube contains components: cube base, cube cover, pressure plate, three long socket head cap screws, and 2 conversion plates. 20mm, 25mm or 25.4mm cube prisms can be mounted.
When CSL-M2 is installed with 25/25.4mm prism, the method can be the same as the demonstration steps of CSL-M, and it can also be used together with the pressure plate clamp as shown in the figure above. Please refer to the video above.
Unlike when installing the 25mm prism, the 20mm prism needs to be glued to the conversion plate first. In the same way, push the prism to the parallel state at two same corner points, and then push the third corner point to be vertical, so that the entire prism is in the middle of the cube. Then use the three 1.5 mm hexagon socket screws on the pressure plate to clamp the optical prism in the cube, cover the cube cover and tighten the screws. Please refer to the video above.
When used with a polarizing beamsplitter cube and the CRD-050 1/2" swivel mount, the cube is ideal for constructing tunable beam splitters, tunable attenuators or beam combiners. Variable beamsplitters can continuously change the transmitted intensity of linearly polarized beams. First, the linearly polarized incident light is rotated by the half-wave plate in the rotating mount, and then the light is divided into S and P polarized light by the polarization beam splitter cube, so as to realize the continuous adjustment of the splitting ratio. This effect is commonly used in holography and interferometry.
The cube's 4 SM1 ports are compatible with various lens tubes from the Oeabt series. There are 4 4-40 threaded holes on each side for connecting our PCM-S series 06mm struts. In addition, there are M4 threaded holes at the bottom of the base, which can be connected and installed with a Ø12mm post for free space applications.


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