Alignment or Location Lasers

Alignment lasers are used in numerous applications where a quality spot, line or cross-hair is required as a reference point.

Wheel alignment

Laseland laser diode modules are used in wheel alignment applications where the x-y adjustment mechanism of the laser module allows the operator to efficiently and accurately align wheels of motor vehicles.

Indus Seires is a popular choice for alignment applications which require the laser beam to be precisely aligned to its mechanical housing or to a reference point.

Laser modules are used in alignment applications as a visual tool.  This can include a spot, cross-hair or laser line.

Having accurate alignment is critical in many industrial applications.  This can be the case with wheel alignment or laser lines used in saw mill operations.  The laser is most often used as a visual guide either in a bright red 635nm wavelength or 532nm green beam or line.  There may be the case where a detector is used with wavelengths that are infrared.


A spot may be used as a guide when aiming.  Mining companies use laser modules mounted on their rigs to assist with accurate alignment of the drill rig.

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These are used in applications where accurate alignment is required e.g. x-ray machines.  The cross pattern makes it easy for the operator to precisely align the patient with the x-ray machine thus increasing the chances of the correct area being x-rayed.

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In applications where accuracy is crucial eg in paper or wood mills, laser line generators are ideal.  Laseland has a wide range of standard, machined and uniform intensity line generatorsavailable in all common fan angles.

Laserex’s custom solutions team will come up with a product that meets your requirements in terms of performance, reliability and ruggedness.  We have 30 years of experience in design and manufacture of lasers for use in OEM applications.

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