532nm 50mW Fat Beam Green Dot Laser Module 3VDC + Fan + Mount

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532nm 50mW Fat Beam Green Dot Laser Module 3VDC + Fan + Mount

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532nm 50mW Fat Beam Green Laser Diode Module Stage Lighting 3VDC + Fan + Mount



Dimensions: 85 * 32 * 32mm (without bracket)
Surface treatment: anode black
Output wavelength: 532 ± 10nm (can be customized red and blue violet)
Output power: 50mW (can be customized 50mw-200mw)
Circuit Control: ACC
Operating voltage: DC = 3V
Operating current: <1A
Working temperature: + 20 ℃ ~ + 30 ℃
Storage temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Spot form: dotted
Beam form: continuous linear
Focus mode: fixed focus
Range: more than 1000 meters
Working time: at room temperature (25 ℃) can be sustained for more than 4 hours, the body should be closed when the heat to be cooled and then use, this is conducive to product life.

size: 85*32*32mm

wavelength:š532nm green

output: 50mW

working voltage: DC=3V

working current: 450mA-650mA

duty cycle at 25 centigrade: 4hr on and 5min off

diameter of the laser beam : D=10mm at the beginning of the laser tip, D=30mm-40mm at 10cm

package: laser module + mount/support + adapter

Additional Information

Additional Information

Housing Shape Cylinder
SKU 11051129
Wavelength 532nm
Output 50mW-99mW

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