Mitsubishi ML129F27 CW 120mW Pulse 300mW 3.8mm 660nm Red Laser Diode 80 ℃

Mitsubishi ML129F27 CW 120mW Pulse 300mW 3.8mm 660nm Red Laser Diode 80 ℃

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Mitsubishi ML129F27 120mW 658mm 660nm 5.6mm TO18 Orange/Red Laser/Lazer Diode LD



Brand: Mitsubishi


Diameter: φ 5.6 mm TO18 

Life-Span: > 6000 hours

Wavelength: 660nm(typical) / + 5nm

CW Output: 120 mW

Pulse Output Power (tp=50ns, Duty=40%) 300mW

Voltage:   3V DC 

Current:  200mA Po=120mW CW

                      430mA  Po=300mW Pulse

Beam Spread:  parallel 10° when 120mW CW

                             vertical17°  when 120mW CW

Working Temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃

Storage Temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃


Highoperation temperature at 80 ° C and industry's highest output 300 mW pulse contribute to high-speed recording of laptop computers
Guaranteed high-temperature operation, small-size, high-power "red semiconductor laser diode for recordable DVD.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (President & CEO: Setsuhiro Shimomura) is a thin recordable DVD built in a notebook computer
As a light source of the device, it is a compact red semiconductor  which realized high temperature operation at 80 ° C and industry's  highest * 1 optical output 300 mW pulse

In recent years, a recording type DVD apparatus that has become popular for external recording of personal computers and the like has a  high recording speed and a multilayer recording
In addition to the increase in capacity due to the trend towards  thinning considering the mounting in notebook computers, red  semiconductors as light sources
The body laser is required to be able to obtain high light output in a  high temperature environment which is miniaturized and high density mounted.
This diode has realized high temperature operation at 80 ° C and  light output of 270 mW pulse, red semiconductor laser for recordable DVD device
 into a product in November 2005 and adopt it for a thin recordable DVD device built in a notebook type personal computer
I came. This time, small packages with an outer diameter of 3.8 mm remain unchanged, the industry's highest in operation at 80 ° C * 1
We have developed a red semiconductor laser for recordable DVD devices that realized an optical output of 300 mW pulses.

product "ML 129 F 26" (OD 3.8 mm)

Features of new products
High temperature operation at 80 ° C and industry's highest light  output of 300 mW contribute to high-speed recording on thin recordable  DVD devices
Since the red semiconductor laser requires a large operating current  at the time of high output, due to the influence of heat generation  accompanying the light output,
Up to now, the operating temperature (case temperature) is 80 ° C, the  light output is the upper limit of the 270 mW pulse, and for the 2  layer recording it is 4 times faster
We stayed in correspondence with. In this time, by increasing the resonator of the laser element, heat dissipation characteristics are improved,
Industry's highest * 1 optical output of operating temperature 80 ° C  and 300 mW pulse with the same size as conventional product * 2,  achieving 2-layer recording
It is possible to support 8x speed with. Thus, a thin recording type DVD device built in the notebook type personal computer
It contributes to speeding up.



1. Before carrying on some laser DIY activities, please read about the technical information first and protect your eyes before laser ray.

2.  Be sure the operator has experience in optics DIY or testing.

3.  Don't operate when the power is connected.

4. only for professionals.

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Additional Information

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Wavelength 650nm 660nm
Output 100mW-299mW

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