638nm 1.2w 1w Orange Red Diode Laser Module with PWM/TTL for Stage Lighting DJ

638nm 1.2w 1w Orange Red Diode Laser Module with PWM/TTL for Stage Lighting DJ

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Can engrave:

Wood, plastic, paper, leather

Can cut:

Paper, thin leather, thin wood plate

Cannot engrave:

Metal, glass, stone, etc

Note: the adapter only have US, EU standard. it is bonus for free. if it is not suitable, pls find a suitable one in your supermarket.

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Wavelength: 638nm

Output: 1.2w

PWM/TTL: 0-20kHz

Focal length: 20mm-200mm for engraving/marking. but normally we recommend it for stage lighting

Beam diameter within FL: 0.5-0.8mm (adjustable)

Laser diode in: Nichia

Working voltage: 12VDC

Working current: 1.6A

Laser dot: ellipse dot ( 1:3 rate)

Laser dot diameter: 0.5mm @ 0.5m

Focal lens: glass

Working temperature: -50~+50 centigrade

Working life: 8000-10000hrs

Duty cycle: 8-12hr

Dimension: 33*55mm

Net weight of the laser: 180g

APC circuit board in


1. When you adjust the beam diameter at 20-200mm, the beam is 0.5-0.8mm. it can be used as cutting, engraving or marking on wood, paper, leather and plastic.

2. When you adjust the laser beam for fatter, it can be used as stage lighting. because of the fat beam, we normally recommend it as stage lighting

3. The beam is not round, it is 1:3 rectangle

4. We had updated the fan cooling system on the housing which helps the laser get better heatsink effect and protect the laser longer duty cycle.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Housing Shape Cube
SKU 11060030
Wavelength 635nm 637nm 638nm
Output >=1W

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