RGB 3000mW 3w White Laser Module Analog Full-color Laser Module for Stage Lighting

RGB 3000mW 3w White Laser Module Analog Full-color Laser Module for Stage Lighting
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This Laserland RGB laser is normally used on mini stage lighting for Halloween, Christmas.

This Laserland RGB white laser can be used in escape room lighting effect. one laser can be used for 6 colors for lighting shows.

This laserland RGB white laser can be used in KTY and DJ bars for Parties or Bars.

Hunted House use for Fun

Instructions for use:
1 Connect the power plug before turning on the switch. Power is applied for 10 minutes into a stable state. Switching power supply interval should be greater than 5 seconds, or easily damaged lasers.
2 power panels should be placed on an insulator or overhead when using, otherwise it will bake a bad laser power. At the same time, and not let the laser power cables suffered at great force, so as to avoid the laser internal wiring circuit.
3 This laser is normally used on stage lighting shows, so that the heatsink by itself is not suitable for 7/24 working.
4 Please note that the use of dust, the dust can not be used in place much, if not a long time in the laser light hole stickers affixed dust.

5 This laser has a switch to adjust from TTL to analog.


m W3000
2 Wavelength




3 Output




4 Beam mode ellipse
5 Divergence ≤1mrad
6 Laser class Class 5
7 Working mode TTL 15khz/analog 0-5vdc--one switch to adjust the working mode
8 Stability ±5%
9 Working voltage 12V
10 Power consumption 35W
11 Working temp. -10~40℃
12 Cable length 250mm
13 Outer heatsink
14 Working life 10000h
15 Dimension 100*65*32mm

Net weight

Additional Information

Additional Information

Housing Shape No
SKU 11010015
Wavelength RGB
Output >=1W

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