Sony SLD3239VFR 3.8mm 405nm CW 180mW Pulse 360mW Laser Diode

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Sony SLD3239VFR 3.8mm 405nm CW 180mW Pulse 360mW Laser Diode

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SONY 405nm Violet/Blue CW 180mW Pulse 360mW Laser Diode LD SLD3239VFR TO38 3.8mm


SONY SLD3239VFR 405nm Violet/Blue CW 180mW Pulse 360mW Laser Diode LD TO38 3.8mm

Main Features:

Diameter: 3.8 mm TO38

Life-Span: > 6000 hours

Wavelength: 405nm

Output: CW 180mW pulse 360mW

Voltage: Vr LD 2V

Working Temperature: 0-90 centigrade

Storage Temperature: -40~90 centigrade

Current: < 60mA

Package: 1pcs



1. Before carrying on some laser DIY activities, please read about the technical information first and protect your eyes before laser ray.

2. Be sure the operator has experience in optics DIY or testing.

3. Don't operate when the power is connected.

Datasheet of SONY SLD3239VFR Laser Diode



Notes of laser LDs :


1. Original as our description.

1) Brand new: no weld point

2) Removed from machines: with weld point and the pin is short

3) Ld of Mitsubishi is open cap. Please avoid dropping it. Otherwise, the chip maybe gets lost.

4) Batch number: different laser get different batch number. The ld you have received may get different batch number with the picture in the description. For example, KSS-121A, the picture of our listing was taken 4 years laser, the batch number you have received now must be different with the batch 4 years before.

2. Please google the schematic before you get it. if you cannot google the schematic, please contact me for it. we can no problem offer you the schematic, but we have suffered a case before that the buyer doubt the schematic we sent to. so that we strongly recommend you google it by yourself. Thank you for your kind understanding.

3. Duty cycle without heat sink: max 1 minute on, 5 seconds off. We do strongly recommend it is 5 seconds on, 1 second off. So that please adds a heat sink on it. That is why we use a housing to cover it as a module.

4. Avoid static, drop, humid and handheld directly. Please do not touch it by your hand directly. Please find the antistatic wrist strap and wear it before you use the ld. The strap is a bonus. If you do not receive the strap, please touch a steel for a while before you handle it.

5. Laser LD is expending light if you do not add a lens on it.

6. Different laser LD has different shape of the laser dot. For example: 405nm and 660nm lds are ellipse, 638nm, 780nm, 808nm, 980nm ld are rectangle. There is only one kind of green laser ld. the manufacturer of it is OSRAM. It is 520nm 50mw. It is very expensive.

7. Warranty: we do not offer warranty if it is incorrectly used.


Differences between laser LD and fiber coupled lasers.

This kind of laser LD was popularly used in DVD readers. But now, it is widely used on fiber coupled lasers. This brings some problem:

1. some people may very professional in lasers such as fiber coupled laser, but they may not recognized the difference between fiber coupled lasers and pump lasers. Fiber coupled lasers may not need heat sink and they can be have long duty cycle. Heat of fiber lasers will be released from the fiber, but pump laser does not have this kind of heat sink.

2. Fiber laser can be touch by hands directly. The static of hands does not get too much influence for it. But pump laser is very fragile; the static of hands must burn it out.


Differences between laser ld and laser module

1. Laser LD is the key issue of the laser module.

2. Laser module = laser ld + driver + housing + lens, housing here is a heat sink of the laser and it protects the laser ld be influenced by the static and humid. Driver here reduced the input current and avoid burnt out if there is protective circuit on it.

3. Normally, green laser = 808nm laser LD + KTP crystal. DPSS green laser = 1064nm ld + Nd:YVO4 crystal.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Wavelength 405nm
Output 100mW-299mW

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