515nm-520nm Cross Module

Laserland 515nm-520nm green laser CROSS generator range from 1mW, 5mW, 10mW, 50mW, 100mW, 150mW, 200mW. The 515nm-520nm green cross lasers work as laser level, components. The green cross hair laser module which make vertical and horizontal red lines for alignment.

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  1. 1235 510nm Green Cross hair Laser Module
  2. 1655 515nm 10mw 30mw Pure Green Dot Line Cross Focusable Diode laser Module


    Unique Color of Laser Beam, Pure Green or Light Green

    Stable Performance for the laser light is directly from Laser diode not transversed from 808nm laser diode

    No IR included like 532nm laser

    Output stable at a much broader temperature range

    Suitable for wood cutting, construction site, alignment,locating

    Can be used in escap room stage lighting

  3. 1668 510nm 515nm 520nm 10mW 30mW 80mW Cross Hair Green Laser Diode Module Osram LD in


    Cloth/leather cutting locating

    Laser sew locating

  4. Low Temp use Waterproof 510nm 10mW Green Cross Laser Diode Module Locator

    Waterproof, Working in wet , damp environment Easy to Operate, Focusable Lens Use one 14500 li-on battery as the power source Line or Cross for Option K9 Glass Lens, High Transmittance, and Power Resistance

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