515nm-520nm Green Laser Module

Laserlandcan make customization of laser modules. 520nm Green Diode Laser Module are widely used in application of Industrial areas / Medical / Biochemical / Laser Tag. The Wavelength Range is from 515nm 520nm 525nm(others optional) We created compact green diode laser module with diameter from 8mm, so this laser can be easily applied making it perfect solution for applications where dimensions and size are priority. Good visibility and compact size makes it attractive for many different industries like military, security, medical etc.

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  1. 1655 515nm 10mw 30mw Pure Green Dot Line Cross Focusable Diode laser Module


    Unique Color of Laser Beam, Pure Green or Light Green

    Stable Performance for the laser light is directly from Laser diode not transversed from 808nm laser diode

    No IR included like 532nm laser

    Output stable at a much broader temperature range

    Suitable for wood cutting, construction site, alignment,locating

    Can be used in escap room stage lighting

  2. 1668 510nm 515nm 520nm 10mW 30mW 80mW Cross Hair Green Laser Diode Module Osram LD in


    Cloth/leather cutting locating

    Laser sew locating

  3. 1668 510nm 515nm 520nm 10mW 30mW 80mw Dot Green Laser Diode Module Diode


    escape room

    haunted house

    bird scare

    laser harp

    laser marking locating

    laser pointing

    laser indicating

  4. 1668 510nm 515nm 520nm 10mW 30mW 80mw Line Generator Green Laser Diode Module Diode


    escape room

    haunted house

    bird scare

    laser swamp

    laser cutting machine locating

  5. 22100 520nm 80mw Green Laser Line Module for Stone Cutting Wood Cutting

    Regular Price: $49.98

    Special Price $42.00

    1. Low Temperature turns on. This laser can work in winter for temperature at -25 centigrade
    2. High temperature working: this laser can work on summer when the working temperature is over 40 centigrade. 
    3. Dust/water-proof cover which will protect the laser when it cuts stones or woods. 
    4. Bigger housing for longer duty cycle.
    5. 12VDC adapter for more stable power supply

    Comparing with 532nm laser modules, this one is better at those areas:
    1. wider working temperatuer from -25~45 centigrade
    2. stable wavelength, no red bomb. 
    3. working in more seriously conditions.

  6. 3258 520nm 50mW Green Dot Laser Module TTL Analog 12V OSRAM LD

    OSRAM LD 520nm 50mw Green Laser Module TTL Analog 12V Stage Lighting Laser Diode
  7. 4060 530nm 200mw Green Diode Laser Module


    1. Stage lighting shows

    2. Scare birds and animals

    3. Laser curtain

    4. Laser harp

    5. Laser wine bar base

    6. Escape room

    7. Amusement park

    8. Pleasure groud and squares

    9. Holiday lighting effect

    10. PM 2.5 PM 10 dust/humid testing

  8. 510nm 10mw Green Diode Laser Module for Gun Rifle Sight

    Osram Laser Diode in

    6*14mm mini size for gun sight

    working temp, -20~~+60C which is much more better than the former 532nm gun sight.

    stable output

  9. 520nm 1w Green Diode Laser Module for Laser Harp Laser Curtain Escate Room


    1. Low Working Temp.

    2. Escape Room

    3. PM2.5 Testing

    4. Stage Lighting

    5. Haunted House

    6. Building Landmark

    7. Bird Scaring

    8. Laser Harp

        9. Laser Curtain

  10. 520nm 2w 3w 4w Green Diode Laser Module TT/ANALOG for Stage Lighting


    1. Stage Lighting

    2. PM2.5 PM10 testing

    Instructions for use:

    1 Connect the power plug before turning on the switch. Power is applied for 10 minutes into a stable state. Switching power supply interval should be greater than 5 seconds, or easily damaged lasers.

    2 power panels should be placed on an insulator or overhead when using, otherwise it will bake a bad laser power. At the same time, and not let the laser power cables suffered at great force, so as to avoid the laser internal wiring circuit.

    3 This laser is normally used on stage lighting shows, so that the heatsink by itself is not suitable for 7/24 working.

    4 Please note that the use of dust, the dust can not be used in place much, if not a long time in the laser light hole stickers affixed dust. 5 This laser has a switch to adjust from TTL to analog.

  11. Low Temp Use Focusable 510nm

    Features Low working temperature from - 15 centigrade Stable output by the green laser diode in Suitable for green laser level Used in green laser rangefinder FDA standard
  12. Low Temp use Waterproof 510nm 10mW Green Line Cross Laser Diode Module Locator

    Waterproof, Working in wet , damp environment Easy to Operate, Focusable Lens Use one 14500 li-on battery as the power source Line or Cross for Option K9 Glass Lens, High Transmittance, and Power Resistance

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