EP-2-10 190-380 & 600-760nm Laser Protective Goggles CE OD5+

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EP-2-10 190-380 & 600-760nm Laser Protective Goggles CE OD5+

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190nm-355nm-380nm 600-650nm-765nm UV IR Laser Protective Goggles CE OD5+


EP-2 (190-380 & 600-760nm)

- Designed for Universities, Cosmeticians, Doctors, Industrial etc.
- Suitable for 190-380 & 600-760nm wavelength, see OD vs. Wavelength Curve 
- Visible Light Transmission (VLT): 40%
- Have clear view without flickering
- Made of Hardened Polycarbonate, unbreakable
- CE Marked, GJB1762-93, EN207/208 and AU/NZ Standards
- High attenuation rate 

EP-2 Frame 10

- lightweight black slicon goggle style frame, durable and impact resistance

- imported PC lens with harden processing, possess anti-abrasion, anti-blast, anti-alcohol and high temperature resist (boiling)

- Ventilation holes to prevent fogging. 

- larger lens size provides increased viewing angle  with maximum comfort.

- Adjustable strap to fit any size.

- ideal as a fit-over for prescription frames.

protective wavelength 190-380nm and 600-760nm


4x Nd,YAG laser: 266nm 0D=5

He-Ne laser 632.8nm OD=4

ruby laser:  694nm OD=4

alexandrite laser: 755nm OD=4

package: one pc 


it is very big to hold the normal glasses. 

CE certificated

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